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544 Park Ave

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

LiteShelf Floating


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Mounting Hardware

A Required Rails

B Required Brackets

1 bracket required for every 16" of width

FBracket-8 | Floating Bracket with 8" Rod - $15.83

• The Mounting Bracket for LiteShelf Floating
• can be leveled infinitely
• can bear up to 30 Lbs per linear foot 
• to be used in conjunction with Floating Rail
• required every 16 inches


Select Hardware

The following is required for every shelf:

  • One power supply

Available Connectors

  • Bottom panel is perfect light, edge to edge
  • Covers brackets and wiring for a floating effect
  • Sturdy mounting hardware can carry up to 60 lb
  • Easy to install with the Level n Clip bracket system
  • Comes in 6 popular finishes, or any Formica finish
  • The mounting rail, 2 mounting brackets, and a power supply are sold separately

The LiteShelf line is built around the concept of integrating modern LED lighting directly into shelving boards, eliminating dark spots, hot spots and glare. LiteShelf Floating offers a magical minimalist take on organization and display with its cleverly concealed support bracket and custom mounting hardware, hidden wiring and levitating effect. Better light is better living.

MODEL Floating
OUTPUT 250 Lumens per Linear Foot
Candela at 18” 45 cd
POWER CONSUMPTION 4 watts per Linear Foot
THICKNESS 2.5" +/- 0.06”
DIMMABILITY Inline Dimmer (not included)
OUTPUT COLOR 3200k or 4200k
WEIGHT 4.3 Lbs (1.95 kg) / SqFt
MIN. SIZE 4 x 8” (102 x 203 mm)
MAX. SIZE 16” x 48” (406 x 1219 mm)
OPERATING LIFESPAN 50, 000 to 70,000 HOURS (L70)
CONNECTOR 2.5mm x 5.5mm PLUG n PLAY
INPUT JACK LOCATION Inside the shelf cavity
OPERATING TEMP -30°C (-22 °F) ~ +40 °C (+104 °F)