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544 Park Ave

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544 Park Ave

Suite 209

Brooklyn, NY 11205

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

LiteShelf Floating

LiteShelf is the only floating shelf that is also a stunning lighting accent

One shelf + two functions = upgraded room


Show off anything from your Princeton Doctorate to Star Wars memorabilia. Heck, no one’s judging. Whatever it is, perch it on the shelf that brags on top and glows on bottom.


The most even under-shelf lighting you’ll ever find. Serene, shadow-free lighting emanates from the entire under-shelf surface, edge-to-edge. Looks and feels premium.

Perfect for work spaces, sleep spaces, eat spaces & life spaces.

6 finishes. 6 sizes. 

Or create unique designs with custom sizes & finishes made to order.

“Makes a huge impression. Usually you’re choosing between decorative accents or light. The LiteShelf is both...It makes a huge impression... Plus, you can customize and have it made to order at 30% lower than typical costs.” BM Braun - Elevated Interiors


8 glowing reasons to choose LiteShelf 

  • Convenient storage space to tuck away or display your things.
  • Edge-to-edge lighting from entire under-shelf surface creates beautifully even, serene, and shadow-free task lighting.
  • Ultra-simple to install and operate.
  • ZERO visible wire, for a perfectly sleek look.
  • Quality plywood construction looks and feels premium.
  • Beautiful on-trend finishes match any decor.
  • High output, low power consumption is eco-friendly + sustainable.
  • Customize to your desired color and trim.


We’re here to make LiteShelf ownership a joy for you. 

  • Easy-to-follow installation guides
  • Free online how-to video library
  • Expert + friendly customer support
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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